A Woman

It’s true that Eve was made from Adam’s rib.
Since the Lord took something insignificant
And made something Adam thought magnificent.
She had some flaws, the tempting fruit-then the fib.

We know from history all about the women,
From childhood to girlhood to womanhood,
They’ve done it all, even chopped firewood
Since the center of the home was the kitchen.

They earned the right to be heard and even vote.
In their hats and bustles they stood for their beliefs,
Caring for their homes with a shotgun in tote,
Who could stand in the way of all their griefs?

Now the pendulum has swung the other way,
As always happens when too much of a good thing.
Women’s lib has taken over with a loud ring.
To be a homemaker is something less with no pay.

If they would invest in their children’s lives
And experience the joy and reward it can bring,
Teaching them God’s truths about everything.
Taking time to listen not minding how small a thing,
Then peaceful homes with love and joy, survives.

Sue Boatright


You might ask what the secrets are to being married 52 years.  On February 17, 2014, I might be able to tell you because that is the date of our 52nd wedding anniversary.  My husband once said it was because he traveled about half of that time in his career.  That may be true but that just made us happier to see each other when he returned.  Three out of four of our parents passed away in our very early years of marriage.  We had no one to run to or talk to but each other. In that case, you work it out.  Once, I heard someone say every married person should make two lists.  One would be to list all the good things and times you’ve had.  Then list the bad times and things you’ve experienced.  You’ll more than likely have a longer list of the good stuff even if this list is only in your mind.  It works!  That translates to count your blessings each day.  Your marriage is either a result of prayer for the right person or God put you together for a reason.  He may be the only one who knows what that reason may be.  With His help you will not only make it through the hurdles of life but you will be a better person for experiencing them.  Trials make us stronger.  This is not a perfect world so don’t expect your partner to be perfect.  If you think you’re perfect you’re the only one believing it.  God Bless!

Sue Boatright, author of YOURS TRULY (Tate Publishing)



This Stained Glass Cross was made by my husband. He had not worked with stained glass in several years. It was my Easter gift. He placed the clear Christmas electric lights inside. The inside of the back piece is made of mirror glass in order to reflect the lights. He is amazing!

It was the day my Lord and Savior willingly laid down his life for me so the wrath of God was appeased for my sins and the sins of the world. Thank you Jesus you loved me that much.

We’ve all heard Love Makes The World Go Round. God’s love, that, is. My book YOURS TRULY is about both kinds of love.